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Fixing Cygwin’s GNU Screen program

2009/04/09 1 comment

After years of ignorance I discovered the wonderful GNU screen program on my GNU/Linux system. Basically screen is a window manager for terminals or terminal sessions. But after installing the Cygwin package on my Windows box I ended up with this error message after trying to invoke screen:

Cannot find terminfo entry for 'cygwin'.

This is unlikely to help others, but I’ll keep it as a reference… The culprit was a messed up installation. I had the following directories:

/usr/share/tabset # <- this folder was empty
/usr/share/terminfo # <- this folder was empty

I just had to delete the empty directories and rename tabset(2) and terminfo(2)

$ rmdir /usr/share/tabset /usr/share/terminfo
$ mv /usr/share/tabset\(2\) /usr/share/tabset
$ mv /usr/share/terminfo\(2\) /usr/share/terminfo

and now screen works just fine with Cygwin.

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